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    1. 中文版
    2. ENGLISH
    3. 4001-820-888
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      >>MORESupply & Demand
      >>MOREContact Us
      International: Mr. Chen 18857618228
      Tel :086-576 -88222590
      Fax: 086-576-88456657
      E-mail: tzxw888@163.com
      Address: No.1 Jiaobei Avenue, qiansuo street, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province
      ?? 關于我們?ABOUT US
          The company in April 2000, Taizhou City Administration for Industry and Commerce approved the registration of aquaculture enterprises, located in the main city of Taizhou, Zhejiang, convenient transportation, is a fishing of aquatic products, acquisitions, frozen processing, marketing and R & D enterprise. Live mainly eng ......????[more]
      • 浙江省著名商標證書
      • 浙江省名牌證書
      • 消費者信得過單位
      • 先進黨組
      • 經濟促進會員單位
      • 進出口行為規范企業
      • 誠信企業
      • 12年農博會金獎
      • 2A證書
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